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Brothers’ Hyggeligt Bedroom: One Room Challenge Week 3

Brothers’ Hyggeligt Bedroom: One Room Challenge Week 3

Wall Art Progress and Hardware Mishaps

Ah, week three of the One Room Challenge™…I remember you from the spring. We’d been feeling relatively on top of our checklist for our guest/first floor bathroom until then, but that’s when our window arrived in the wrong color, and we didn’t get the right one until some weeks later. It was the beginning of a Series of Unfortunate Events that led to us not completing the challenge within six weeks (though we did finish the bathroom and I’ve been happy with how it turned out).

But that won’t happen this time, right? Right! Our purchases for the hyggeligt (cozy) bedroom we’re decorating for our two boys have been arriving on schedule and are looking good, except for some backordered bedding. Tip #1: never order Pottery Barn on deadline unless the item is clearly in stock—this is the second time I’ve ordered something that was on a minor backorder only to have the backorder extended much further out.

Of course, many of these just arrived yesterday or today, so since we’re working on a room that our older son currently sleeps in and our evening schedule is: Work—>Home—>Dinner—>Bedtime for him…it means we don’t have any evening time to work in the room on weeknights. We tried it tonight, and it was a little bit of a circus with both of the boys being overtired. Tip #2: if redoing a child’s room for the One Room Challenge, consider having that child sleep in another space. We may see if it’s not too late to temporarily move him into the guest room so we can get some more work done!

So that’s all to say that while some of the important elements of the room are now here, I haven’t got much to show in terms of progress. This coming weekend should be a big one for the room.

One of the most fun things will be framing a whole bunch of photos we’ve ordered, and displaying other photos and art that have been in the basement or in our former condo (where my mom now lives) for a year. This project is giving us the motivation we need to bring the walls to life. Hopefully we’ll keep it going throughout the rest of the house from here. I’m most excited about:

  • A 36”x24” print of a llama taken on a trip to Ecuador when our older son Danny was a baby. It has many of the colors in the room, so I’m hoping it will look good at this large scale. The folks at FrameSticks have been great to work with (and are kindly sponsoring this framed print), and it shipped really quickly, so I’ll have it this weekend.

  • Photos taken by our talented professional photographer friend Maureen of Inner Life Portraits (New Englanders, check her out for family photos!).

  • A fun DIY art project that Danny and I did last weekend, using light-sensitive paper and objects found in nature.

  • Family and wildlife photos we’ve taken…including one of Danny and me taken just before he broke his arm this past weekend. In the photo, we are both blissfully unaware of the coming hospital visit and itchy cast he’ll be wearing for the next month.

More to do this weekend:

  • Hang Roman shades! The Selectblinds blackout Roman shades have arrived, and they look very nice from what I can tell (I haven’t unfurled them all the way).

  • Build and upholster valance boxes? I’m leaning in this direction, but first will see how the shades look on their own.

  • Install photo ledges—this is the hardware mishap referenced in the title: the ledges themselves, an Etsy purchase, look very nice and the weathered gray finish coordinates well with the bed and crib. But the drywall anchors they came with turned out to be terrible…even with very careful screwing, the first one we tried mangled our wall and broke off in the wall. I had to use pliers to get it out. So first we need to get new, better hardware.

  • Hang string of pearls succulent—I bought one large string of pearls plant a few weeks ago and have divided it into two still-quite-decent-sized plants…so far, so good! The ceramic hanging planter I got for the one that will live in the bedroom is hefty, so I think I need to use a ceiling hook with butterfly expansion. Not looking forward to the big hole I’ll be creating, so still trying to figure out if there’s another option.

  • Move rugs in—I have a few rug options from other rooms, and want at least two for this big space. One of them is my lovely South Shore Rugs vintage Persian purchase; the others are a Moroccan Beni Ourain that was previously in the room, and a West Elm sweater rug that’s in the room where the baby currently sleeps.


Speaking of the baby, I haven’t shown you the nursery where he currently sleeps. That’s because it’s a room we meant to do more with, but never did. So it’s like a more neutral version of his big brother’s room, with similarly bare walls and not much personality. But it’s been OK as a place where he sleeps and doesn’t spend much other time.

I’ve been enjoying seeing everyone’s progress—looking forward to the coming week with fellow ORC guest participants and seeing the featured designers’ work. Many thanks to Linda of “Calling it Home” for creating and hosting this great event, and thanks to media partner Better Homes and Gardens.

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