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Brothers’ Hyggeligt Bedroom: One Room Challenge Week 4

Brothers’ Hyggeligt Bedroom: One Room Challenge Week 4

It’s Week 4 of the One Room Challenge™! We’ve made some progress this week on our transformation of our older son Danny’s room into a shared bedroom for him and his baby brother, Glen.

We’ve moved Danny into the guest room for the time being—which means we’ve been able to do more evening work on the room. But Glen is an extremely light sleeper and this room and the nursery are adjacent to each other, so any drilling we’ve done has come at the cost of waking him.

Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Hanging outside mount Roman shades on windows with deep crowns

While the SelectBlinds Roman shades themselves were quite easy to hang, our windows made things a little more difficult. We went with outside mount blackout Roman shades to try to disguise the fact that all of the three windows in this room are different sizes (even the two from the addition are sized differently from each other—no idea why), and because we have shallow windowsills. Our window crowns are another matter: they’re almost 2 inches deep, which meant that standard mounting, even with the “spacer blocks” the company provided, wouldn’t work for mounting these above the windows. We didn’t want to mount them below the crowns, so I got some 2x3s cut to the width of the shades at the store. We drilled those into the studs, then mounted the Roman shade brackets to the beams. Since the beam is about as deep as the crown, the shades can now clear the crowns as we raise and lower them.

 Making window cornices (partially done)

Because of these protruding beams, I decided to make cornice boxes to hopefully improve the look of the windows. I used 1x12s for the faces of the cornices and 1x7s for the tops and sides—cut to widths at the store, with no cutting at home because we’ve yet to decide on the right saw for us (any suggestions?). Mike and I screwed the boxes together using 1x1 “L” brackets, clamping them as we went. I still haven’t finished the fabric wrapping (using coordinating fabric by the yard from SelectBlinds), so that’s next, but here’s a preview (they’ll look less fluffy post-staple-gun).

Hanging photo ledge

Surprisingly challenging for a simple ledge. A drywall anchor that came with our new photo ledge from an Etsy store broke off inside our wall, leading to a pretty substantial hole. We’ll patch it soon-ish, but for now, we used better drywall anchors to hang it just a little higher, disguising the hole. We ordered two ledges, but with the sizes of framed photos I want to use, I think installing a second ledge above the first would either make the ledge too high or the space between too cramped.


Hanging and framing (a few) photos

I started getting art on the walls this week as well. The largest piece is a 36x24” hanging canvas from FrameSticks with a moody llama scene I took in Ecuador a few years ago…I’ll share more on the FrameSticks canvas soon—so happy with it! (With many thanks to the company for sponsoring this art.)

I may have been a little over-eager in my other photo ordering, as the ledge can only reasonably hold a few framed photos. I learned this the hard way while arranging the frames: I knocked one off when trying to layer it with others, shattering the glass (luckily still in plastic wrap).

This coming weekend, we’ll be hanging more art and putting some finishing touches on the room!

Looking forward to seeing everyone’s progress this week! Check out the other One Room Challenge participants on the ORC blog. And as always, thanks to Linda for hosting the One Room Challenge™, and to media partner Better Homes and Gardens!

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