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Small Botanical Bathroom - One Room Challenge Reveal

Small Botanical Bathroom - One Room Challenge Reveal

I've had a wonderful time participating in the One Room Challenge™, getting inspiration from the twenty talented, featured designers and also in awe of all the DIY projects my fellow guest participants have undertaken (I'll be sharing a few of my favorites in a future blog post).

Many thanks to Linda for creating and hosting this fantastic event, and to media partner House Beautiful.

My tiny, 3/4 bathroom project has been a lot of fun for the past 5 weeks.

First, let's review where we started with this bathroom...

Mmmhmm. It was dark and outdated, with the toilet on a weird little stone pedestal that's hard to see in photos. But the real issue beyond aesthetics was the plumbing. Frozen pipes this winter sped up our renovation timeline for the bathroom, and demo confirmed that the pipes ran through an uninsulated space under the floor. Now, the bathroom is entirely re-plumbed.

Introducing: Functional, prettier botanical-themed bathroom

DIY Firsts

Along the way, I've picked up so many great ideas from other bloggers that I can't wait to try in future projects, and also built confidence in my own abilities.

Like this chair rail: I was so nervous about ruining the nice piece of hardwood we'd gotten that I planned to have my contractor install it, but seeing other participants doing fancy woodwork gave me the courage to try it myself. I'm glad I did! I enjoyed picking it out at the millwork store, learning to miter cuts, and filling nail holes (okay, maybe I didn't *enjoy* that, but I love that now I'm confident enough to do it in the future).


I'll also admit: while I love fresh flowers, I rarely took the time to get any, but seeing how other bloggers incorporate flowers into their spaces inspired me. And the final room will have plenty of plants as well!

I had never done a stenciling project before the challenge. This was another case of inspiration from seeing new Instagram friends sharing their projects—and some really great customer service from Cutting Edge Stencils when I was trying to decide whether to try it and which stencil to choose (many, many thanks to the company for then going on to partially sponsor my stenciling project).


This shelf provided some of the inspiration for the project: I love its vintage look and clean lines. Brass is another first for me: in the past, I've felt more drawn to chrome and silver tones, but for our whole-house renovation, we used oil-rubbed bronze fixtures. For this bathroom, having everything in bronze seemed like it would make the space too dark, so this shelf provides some contrast that still complements the bronze fixtures.


The end of the project hasn't been easy, with some procurement issues with big-ticket items like our super-water-efficient toilet (finally arrived—yay!) and contractor errors in installing the fixtures.

Update: I didn’t have all of the photos ready in time for the end of the challenge because of these end-of-project delays, but now, here’s what the other half of the bathroom looks like!


Thanks, and more to come!

Many thanks again to everyone who's been cheering me on, and looking forward to reading all of the other One Room Challenge participants' posts!

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